Our Commitment to Your Health & Safety

We are thrilled to welcome you back to live music and events! As always, your health and safety remain our top priority. 

Last Updated: July 8, 2021 | 10:15 a.m. ET: Please note that we are following New York State mandates, which are subject to change, so continue to check back for the latest information.


What Do I Need To Know?
Welcome back! We are committed to the goal of providing all of our guests a safe and enjoyable experience. We appreciate your cooperation!

Here are some of the most important things you should know.


Planning for your event:

New York State has updated its guidelines for venues with less than a 5,000-seat capacity. According to the new guidelines:

  • The Palladium Theatre is now able to host 100% capacity events without social distancing.

  • The audience can include a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated guests, with no requirement for separated sections. Face coverings are required for unvaccinated attendees.

  • Guests are not required to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test in order to attend an event.

  • Please note, that while these are the new State guidelines, certain events may have their own requirements, so be sure to check your specific event page to confirm details of your event: View calendar


Safety protocols inside the venue:

Face coverings are not required for fully vaccinated individuals while inside the Palladium Theater.

Unvaccinated guests, including children, will need to wear face coverings, except while actively eating or drinking.